The success of the Michael Jordan/1997 Bulls documentary The Last Dance has prompted other athletes to get their stories on tape. On Thursday, Magic Johnson revealed that he may be up next with a doc of his own.

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The 5-time NBA Champion revealed that his documentary is coming “after Kobe.” Magic’s doc will be a little different according to the 60-year-old Lakers legend.

“You get the basketball part of it, but then also how I reinvented myself and how I went into business and what I’m doing today,” Magic said in an interview.


Magic Johnson was the face of basketball in the 1980s winning 5 NBA championships with the “showtime” Lakers earning his first as a rookie. Magic’s Hall of Fame career ended early after being diagnosed with HIV in the early ’90s.

Since his retirement, the Billionaire former athlete rebranded himself as more than a ballplayer becoming a business mogul who is part owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, more than 100 Starbucks franchises and the list goes on.

Magic appears in The Last Dance which airs Sundays at 9 p.m.

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