Rising Puerto-Rican superstar Bad Bunny was accused associating with a sexual offender on Sunday by a woman who wished to remain anonymous. The woman accused Bad Bunny’s friend Jesus Hernandez, also known as Chu, of what appears to be rape and wants to hold both him and his crew accountable.

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A woman by the name of Dama Vulgar has taken to Twitter using the hashtag #NiUnaMas to lead the conversation regarding allegations of pedophilia and sexual assault all through Latin America, especially Puerto Rico and Mexico. Professors, promoters, and wealthy yacht owners were all called out online by survivors, sharing their stories and directly naming their abusers.

A second woman corroborated the first woman’s claim against Hernandez, adding that he made uncomfortable comments to her at a video shoot, followed by another who said that he touched her inappropriately during her time at a private school in Puerto Rico; Hernandez did teach at the school for some time.


Bad Bunny released a statement today commenting on the incident and sharing his thoughts. It was originally written in Spanish, but can be translated below:

“The first I’ll say is, keep exposing everyone without fear, never stay quiet if you feel you need to speak. I admire the courage and strength because I understand it’s not easy, and believe me when I say that I understand you all it’s because I understand you. It struck me strongly to see my name going around, although I know the intention wasn’t for me to find out, but sooner or later I would have found out and of course I would take action. In my personal life and work team there is no room for this type of behavior, and what needs to be done will be done. Meanwhile I’ve distanced myself from them a while ago and for other reasons. Still it hurts to know all of this. It’s not easy to find out that people who have been close to you do these types of things, things that I try to fight against or at least in my small way, despite the stereotype of the genre of music that I perform. The decisions and actions of each person are individual and me, for my part, I live peacefully because I know who I am and it makes me very ashamed and uncomfortable to see my name associated with these issues, it’s not fair, my involvement is very, very far from all of this. These are delicate issues, and you have to be responsible when the time comes to make an accusation. They have to be made! Of course they do! Firmly, but with a lot and I mean a lot of care to never involve third parties that have not even a remote idea that something happened. A big hug to those who want to receive it, and much strength to each of the victims who daily suffer these atrocities and more. I’m here for you always.”

Surprisingly, Bad Bunny responded to the claims before Hernandez did, although the allegations are not against Bad Bunny himself. As calls to action continue, many survivors and their advocates await an acknowledgement of their experiences.