Condolences go out to Papoose and his family who are mourning the deaths of both his cousin and uncle during the pandemic.

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Papoose and Remy Ma were guests on daytime talk show The Real detailing how the pandemic has affected his family. During the show, he detailed his cousins died due to the coronavirus, while the impact of the virus on hospital services led to the death of his uncle as well.

“He wasn’t feeling well [and] he went to the emergency room,” Papoose detailed. “Long story short, the hospitals are so focused on COVID-19 that people who have issues, they’re not really catering to them. So, it was kind of a neglect thing, but you can’t really question God’s plan.”


In addition to The Real, Remy and Pap appeared on BET’s COVID-19 special. You can see their appearance below.