Joe Biden’s sexual assault accuser reportedly canceled an interview with Fox News’ Chris Wallace following Biden’s MSNBC appearance. According to Mediaite, Tara Reade “abruptly” canceled the Friday interview that would’ve aired on Sunday.

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A spokesperson for Fox News told Mediaite that the interview with Reade was never confirmed and that Fox News does not provide details on the booking process.

The accusations against the former Vice President have gained more attention in recent days prompting Biden to release a statement and give a television interview to deny the claims Reade made against him.


Reade who worked in Biden’s Senate office claims that the longtime senator pushed her against a wall and forced his fingers inside of her vagina. Reade also says that she filed a complaint against the then-senator when the incident happened in 1993.

In response to the claim that Reade filed a complaint, Biden has requested that the Secretary of the Senate release any personnel documents that would support Reade’s story.

The alleged victim’s story is one that floated around for a long time but never really gained traction in the mainstream until Biden’s 2020 Presidential campaign. The 56-year-old’s story was told to major news outlets like the Washington Post and the Associated Press, but the lack of evidence and corroboration prevented the story from running.

The Fox News appearance would’ve been Reade’s first television interview to discuss her claims against Biden and allowed her to directly respond to the presumptive Democratic nominee after his Friday interview.