With quarantine now in the month of May, its time to do a wellness check on your attention span. It’s okay to pull your mask down now.

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We know that you are probably down to the bottom of your Netflix choices. We know that you are also tired of hearing about people’s Only Fans accounts on IG all day.

However, as usual Twitter never disappoints and this Sunday morning, the one and only Todd Bridges was trending. Immediately, all curiosity dwelled on whether something had happened to him.


In this day and age, with so much bad news, we are all becoming antiseptic. Then I checked myself. This wasn’t bad news, it was pure nostalgia.

Our attention spans have now traversed through time back to when a young Todd Bridges played Solomon on ‘Little House On The Prairie.’

It is Sunday, and with the streets still devoid of the brunch bunch due to social distancing, we are conjuring Nana’s TV playlist.

This is why I love us! From watching producers and artists battle it out in live song competitions to Todd Bridges’ shining moments, we are truly connecting again.

Whenever somebody pulls out a show with everybody’s surrogate white Pops, Michael Landon, in it, we are in a good space.

The bigger statement is that Todd Bridges woke up today feeling appreciated for his years of service. Had it not been for this quarantine, and back to family and personalization, we would have keep Todd Bridges’ performance in Little House On The Prairie in the past.

Instead its on the forefront of Twitter, the new world’s ultimate legitimizer. Salute to us all on a successful quarantine, where we can get back to basics and remember a time that will never be again.

Mask on.