Lil Tjay has been the topic of discussion over the past week for a number of shenanigans. His newest beef is with A Boogie With Da Hoodie and High Bridge the label. The “F.N” rapper claimed to allegedly snatch an HBL chain from one of its members. A Boogie was quick to respond to the alleged chain snatch. He took to his IG story to give Tjay the message.

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“One of the bro’s dropped/LOST his chain a long ass time ago while wee dragged a ni**a and that’s word to Melody,” said the “Look Back It” rapper. “Ni**a got the audacity to buy it off a random ni**a, shoot a vid with it and front like he did something. Lost all my respect for you smh. Stay true to yourself.”

In addition, Lil Tjay unnecessarily dragged A Boogie baby mother, Ella, into the mix. She quickly responded.


The Highbridge family is a tight-nit core. Trap Manny and Don Q even chimed on the alleged cap displayed by Tjay and even posted receipts as well, adding that he is only a clout chaser.

Following the weekend that Lil Tjay had, it looks like he will continue to remain in the news. He took to IG to apologize for his recent antics saying he doesn’t encourage beef.

The Bronx rapper is set to drop a new project on Friday, May 8th. Therefore, his latest antics seem to be perceived as a promotional tool for the project. He recently called himself the King of New York as well in a tweet. Do you agree?

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