LL Cool J reminded us why they call him ‘Big Elly’ in a recent interview. We’re still not sure if anyone has actually really called him that, but one thing that can’t be denied is his everlasting impact on Hip Hop.

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“I’m very grateful, very thankful and I’m glad that it created a genre,” he recently told Complex. “I’m glad that now, years later, a Fabolous can go out and do his thing and still be very well-respected as a lyricist,” he said. “A Jadakiss can do his love song and still be well-respected as a lyricist.”

“I put that love [and] female [based] vibe in there that gives dudes, like, you know, these guys a lane,” he continued. “People compare me to Drake all the time, but we’re very different artists because I have a lot of hard records and I’m very diverse. But in that aspect of my career, it paved the way for guys like that…who I’m happy for. I like a lot of his music too.”


LL Cool J told no lies here. His stage name stands for Ladies Love Cool James and he caught a lot of heat for making songs like “I Need Love” and “Hey Lover” while Gangsta Rap was on the rise.

Check out the full interview below: