Please introduce yourself and your company:
My name is Anthony, CEO of Trillest Entertainment. We are the global leader in digital music marketing and management working with 10k+ artists annually all around the world.
After becoming the first in my family to graduate college (with honors) and obtaining a degree in Sociology, I decided to travel around the world. I’ve already lived all over the U.S. and spent 10 years living on an island in Hawaii, then decided to move to South America where I’ve been living for the last few years. Life is short. The best way to enjoy it is to travel and see new places and experience new cultures.
Tell us about how your started Trillest Entertainment:
I started the company while in college by combining by passion for music, primarily hip hop, and digital marketing. The internet has really revolutionized the game and made it very easy for an artist to go viral overnight and get their music heard globally. However, it’s also become very over saturated. This is why it’s essential to have an experienced marketing team behind you with the resources you need to get your music global exposure.
What makes your company unique?
What makes us unique is we are the only promo company in the industry that has access to and offers exclusive features on over 250 global hip hop magazines, blogs, and websites as well as 50+ Spotify playlists. We also work with artists of all budgets and backgrounds, including major artists with multi-million dollar record deals and independent artists looking to get their music heard globally. 
Everything is done with integrity and in a timely manner. We also treat all of our artists like family. We genuinely care about helping artists succeed, rather then just making a profit like most of these PR companies. We always encourage artists to shop around and when they do, they always find that we have the largest selection of media outlets available as well as the lowest prices. 
You could go with another company like Ayers Publicity, but you won’t receive the same type of personalized service and attention that we provide, will certainly pay much more for same blogs we offer, and not get access to the 10+ years of experiences, resources, and relationships we have. That’s what really makes us unique. We are the plug of the plug. In fact, the majority of these promo companies purchase and re-sell promo services from us. 
Tell us about your promo packages…
All of our promo packages have a 24 hour or less turnaround time and include magazine, blog, and website features, major media outlet interviews, social media promo, email blasts, as well as major Spotify playlist placements. We try to make our packages as thorough and extensive as possible, while also keeping the prices affordable.
How long have you been in business?
We’ve been in the game 10+ years, every year we’ve increased our clients and revenue. We project to hit well over 6 figures in 2020, that’s without spending a dime to market our services. In this industry, reputation is everything and if you do good business people will naturally come back and talk about you. We are top ranked on Google and have other PR companies calling us the best. That’s when you know you’re winning.
What has been the key to your success?
The key to success has always been keeping God 1st. You have to stay hungry, but also humble. Their’s always room for growth and improvement, no matter how successful you are. You can never get content because that’s when growth stops. The game is always changing and you have to adapt to new trends while also being the trend. Another element that’s crucial for success is your ability to network and form relationships with the right people. The industry is much smaller then it seems. Everyone who’s someone important is in the same circle and that circle is pretty small.
Who are some of your biggest clients?
We work with thousands of artists annually, some of the more notable artists we’ve promoted include: Rich The Kid, Dave East, Styles P, Sheek Louch, iLoveMakonnen, Vinny Cha$e, Cool & Dre, Chopper City, Devin The Dude, Bobo Norco, Stitches the Rapper, DJ Khaled, 6 Tre G, Snoop Dogg, E-40, Mistah Fab, Kevin Gates, Lou Armstrong, the late and great Nipsey Hussle as well as his DJ, DJ V.I.P. and many others.
Where can artists contact you if they need music promotion?
We are always looking for new talented artists who want to get their music heard globally.
You can visit our website: or contact us on IG/Twitter: @TrillestEnt