Wiz Khalifa has brand has become synonymous with marijuana, and he’s pretty proud of it. Although weed is deeply rooted in Hip Hop culture, there are some folks that the Kush & OJ rapper can smoke under the table.

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During a chat with Big Boy TV, Wiz named two weak smokers off the top of his head. “Big Sean,” he says, before taking moments to think then offering, “French Montana. I’m stoned so I can’t think of anyone.”

On the contrary, he ranked B-Real as a gold tier smoker, following by Snoop Dogg who he gave a silver tier rank, before finally giving himself a bronze rank.


The “Roll Up” rapper also made it clear that you are not getting a turn in the cypher if you haven’t been following social distancing guidelines. “If you haven’t been quarantining for a month, you ain’t getting no weed.”

Big Boy came rolling with the tough questions when he asked Wiz Khalifa if he’d exchange coronavirus immunity for weed. “I’m already pretty confident in my chances,” says Wiz. “So nah, I ain’t giving away my pot for that.”