As people around the globe continue to stay home and slow the spread of the coronavirus, artists have been using the time to tap into their creative side. In mid-March, as the music world went into collective retreat, festivals were postponed; stadium tours were scrapped, and major artists shelved their albums, international recording artist Jahmiel did just the opposite. 

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While social distancing at home in Jamaica due to the pandemic for the past several weeks, Jahmiel has been putting the final touches on his sophomore EP titled “REVAMP” produced by his own imprint label Patriotz Muzik, and Akiem Bingham for Quantanium Records. Distributed by Hapilos, the five-tracks REVAMP EP was written by Jamiel “Jahmiel” Foster and is slated for release, May 29th, 2020.

Written and recorded during the last four weeks of the pandemic, each song speak to the introspection of one self and life experience. Music has long been a mirror of history. “Over the past few weeks in Quarantine I’ve realized that many of my fans and persons in general are complaining about having to stay inside and the inability to party, go outta road when they want to. But I want people to know to use this time wisely, don’t let this pandemic make you panic. Look within yourself and RESET, REVAMP. Whether it’s your business, your relationship or you as a person, a mother, RESET improve, become a better you. Only how we can do that is to make the conscious effort to GO INSIDE- Internally and make the REVAMP. 


There are only a handful of artists in music whose legacies have sparked a blaze behind a generation of current and future musicians, and Jahmiel with just one album and two EPs has secured his legacy as one of music’s most essential voices. His unparalleled sense of who he is and uncompromising artistry, his versatility, ever-evolving musical style and impact, make him one of the most important artists of the last few years.

With this EP I share some new sides of Jahmiel and some experiences which allowed me to Re-Focus and REVAMP,” he said. Fans and music lovers will get an insight into the musical offering with the EP’s lead single “Lights Off” slated to be released in the upcoming week. 


  1. Preserve my life
  2. I see an angel
  3. Life lessons
  4. Lights off
  5. Shining

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