During this quarantine season, celebrities have been keeping fans entertained with challenging each other, hit for hit on Instagram live. We’ve seen T-Pain Vs. Lil Jon, Teddy Riley Vs. Babyface, and now may just be the time for some women emcees to enter the ring!

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Philadelphia emcee, Khia, most notorious for her hit singles, “My Neck My Back,” “K-Wang,” and “Snatch The Cat Back” has called Trina out for a hit for hit battle after a suggestion on her Instagram live.

During the live, Khia was informed of the music battles that have been taking place lately. Once she was familiar with the concept, the Philly rapper got excited and decided she wanted a battle of her own. “Oh, I want somebody to do. Who wanna try me like that? Who?” Khia questioned. Almost immediately the person suggested that Khia go hit for hit with Miami rapper, Trina. “You wanna have a hit battle b*tch? I got 285 hits to put on your a** b*tch,” Khia added as she laughed.


Trina is mostly known for her hit singles, “Look Back at Me,” “Da Baddest B*tch,” “Nann Hoe,” and of course the classic duo with Kelly Rowland, “Here We Go.”

Although Trina has not yet responded to the battle request, social media seems to have a battle of their own. The controversy between who would win the battle is ongoing. Some fans believe Khia doesn’t stand a chance, while other fans believe Trina better come with her ammo loaded. Who do you think would win in a hit for hit battle between Khia and Trina?