Dominican Philly graphic designer Distortedd, also known as Anhia Santana, has collaborated with Reebok for her version of the InstaPump Fury shoes. Reebok released a description of the design, calling it “Fluid and fresh”. The sneakers are said to reflect her creative vision as she works to break standards in the art world.

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The white, light pink and black shoes feature a mix of grafitti-style pastel illustrations inspired by skate culture, street art and her favorite childhood cartoons. A soft textile upper offers a comfortable feel, and the iconic Pump adjusts the fit for old school cool. The ice outside also adds style points, as well as Distortedd’s signature swirl graphic stamped on the tongue button. The kicks are also unisex! 

The collab was inspired by the 2001 “It’s A Man’s World” commercials, which featured shoes designed by designer Jazerai Allen-Lord and producer WondaGurl. Santana says “To be honest, the design is just me regurgitating, like throwing up everything I’ve built so far. The art is basically eating the show.” 


For $180 USD, you can snag a pair of your Distortedd x Reebok Instapump Fury from the IAMW Collection on Reebok’s official website. You can also watch the exclusive video for more on the visual artist, illustrator and animator’s creative partnership.