Two 911 calls were made that day, just moments before Ahmaud was shot.

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The video released this week and previously published on The Source shows the incident clearly: while jogging, Ahmaud Arbery is trying to walk around a parked pickup truck that’s blocking the way. We see a man on the truck’s roof and, seconds later, hear a gun is fired while Ahmaud and Travis start fighting. After at least two shots, Ahmaud fell to the ground and died.
The first call was anonymous: a man reported Ahmaud looking at a house that was under construction and running down the street. Allegedly, there have been multiple break-ins in this area of Brunswick before, and the caller suspected a possible crime.

The second call was from Gregory McMichael, father of Travis McMichael, with whom Ahmaud was tasseling over a gun in the video. In the recording, the elder McMichael is out of breath, only reports “a black male running down the street” and ends the call abruptly after yelling “Stop that damn it, stop!” to his son.


The two men responsible for Ahmaud Arbery’s death, the incident in Brunswick, GA that occurred February 23rd, were charged for murder and aggravated assault this Thursday.