Jason Whitlock has long been viewed as the biggest sellout in the Black community. Whitlock’s track record of criticizing and denigrating Black athletes has placed the Speak For Yourself host in the dog house with African-Americans who have heard him speak on social issues.

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Whitlock is now going at LeBron James after the future Hall of Famer posted an image of Ahmaud Arbery, a 25-year-old Black shooting victim with the caption in part reading “We’re literally hunted everyday/everytime.”

Whitlock took issue with LeBron’s statement and responded on social media prompting Black Twitter to clapback at the Sports analyst.


If you don’t know who Jason Whitlock is, he’s been on the record attacking Serena Williams as a fat “underachiever,” whose accomplishments mirror Paris Hilton’s. He has said that LeBron James was too rich to be affected by racism after vandals spray-painted the N-Word on his Brentwood home, and has constantly trolled Colin Kaepernick for his activism.