Tensions rise as family and friends come together to mourn the loss of their loved one. 21-year-old Sean Reed was murdered at the hands of the Indianapolis Police Department following a high-speed car chase. The entire incident was broadcasted on Facebook Live from Reed’s cellphone.

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In the broadcast, viewers can see Reed, fearful of his life, running away from the police. The Indianapolis Police Department claim that Reed had hit several cars after exiting an interstate, and then proceeded to lead officers in a chase, reaching 90 miles per hour.

When Reed stops the car, you can hear him telling viewers to come to get him, as he explains that he doesn’t want to go to jail. “62nd and Michigan! Somebody come get my stupid a**. Please come get me,” he said before opening the car door and fleeing on foot.


Shortly after, Reed was gunned down, but his cellphone continued to record the incident. Seconds later, viewers can hear an unidentified voice laugh and say, “I think it’s going to be a closed casket, homie.” Indianapolis police have released a statement claiming that Reed also had a gun and shot the police. They then claimed that the officer-involved did attempt to use a stun gun prior to letting off multiple shots.

Social media is enraged following the death of the U.S. veteran. The Indianapolis Police Department released a statement detailing that the officer at the scene is currently placed on administrative leave. “While we are withholding judgment on the actions of the involved officer at this time, the officer has been placed on administrative leave pending further investigation. The shooting is being investigated by IMPD’s Critical Incident Response Team.”

Our condolences go out to the loved ones of U.S. Veteran, Sean Reed.