Why y’all coming for the King? Bach that is.

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I know usually the title for the one atop the regal throne is followed by LeBron James’ name but this morning hit different.

Bach, the former Vine actor, starting trending on Twitter but for all the wrong reasons. People decided today was a good day to come for him.


Born, Andrew B. Bachelor, his online alias and persona King Bach, is what most know about the Canadian-American actor and comedian.

He is also known for being the most followed person on the now-defunct video-sharing service Vine. In his Vines, Bachelor portrayed an exuberant caricature of himself, King Bach, as well as other recurring cartoon-like characters.

He earned 19 million followers and over six billion loops on Vine and was ranked first for number of followers. He also took the title of most-followed person on Vine in March 2015.

So why are the innanets coming for him?

Well, it seems a debate over who was the best Vine “all-stars” erupted online and Twitter was its usual merciless self.

But before you compare him to other social media sensations, remember that these actors and comedians were only looking for a way to breakthrough.

The fact that you know his name enough to compare him to anyone says he did his job pretty well. The guy proliferated the social media broadcast spectrum, if that’s even a term, and won.

In fact, Bach’s Vine stardom led to him signing with a talent agency, UTA. That led to a recurring role in House of Lies. In addition, he at one point was a recurring cast member on Wild ‘n Out on MTV2.

He was also on a series regular on the Adult Swim series Black Jesus and had a recurring role on The Mindy Project. Bachelor also had a role in the spoof comedy film Fifty Shades of Black and was a special guest host for the revived version of Punk’d on BET.

In short, King Bach is popping whether you want to hate or not. But surely Bach knows that hate is the new love and when you wake up to it trending on Twitter, you are doing something right.


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