Nicki Minaj has been saying it for years now, she won’t be giving birth to a baby until she has a ring on her finger… Well now that she is Mrs.Kenneth Petty, fans have been eager to find out when the rap goddess will bless the earth with baby Minaj.

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Recently, the “Super Bass” rapper possibly hinted at a pregnancy during a Question and Answer on her Twitter account. “Are you throwing up in the morning and having to go to the bathroom alot?” A fan asks the New York rapper. “Lmao. No throwing up. But nausea and peeing nonstop. Omg what do you think this means guys????” Lmaoooooooo,” Nicki responded.

Another fan asked the New York lyricist if she could show a picture of her baby bump, in which Nicki responded, “Yea in a couple months. The world aint ready yet.”


Now, take these comments with a grain of salt…this wouldn’t be the rapper’s first time playing around with the pregnancy topic. However, if Nicki Minaj was pregnant, would you want Baby Minaj to be a boy or a girl?