While the world is worried about the spread of the coronavirus via saliva (spit particles that exist in slipstreams), new research out of China states that there was been evidence of COVID-19 in the semen of men who are currently in recovery after contracting the potentially deadly disease.

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Anne Rimoin, an epidemiologist, says that this should not be a surprise to those that follow science:

“We’ve seen this with Zika and Ebola and many different viruses. They can live in the reproductive tract and this can be for months after a male patient has recovered. So we’ve seen this before. So it should not be terribly surprising.”


She suggests that while we should not be surprised, this information is very important.

“The reason this is very important is because this can persist long after people are recovered. Then it becomes not just an issue of respiratory transmission, but sexual transmission. The big question is however, is if finding evidence of the virus in semen is one thing but whether or not if it infectious and can be transmittable is the next thing we have to find out.”

People are watching and waiting.