Give Jamal Crawford his props says Black Twitter.

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The ultimate sixth man who is regarded as one of the best ball handlers in NBA history began trending this morning.

It all started when ESPN released a poster on social media asking the public, ‘who has the best handles of all time?’ The listed players in a four-way competition were: Kyring Irving, Allen Iverson, Steph Curry or other.


Or other…

Fans erupted when Jamal Crawford’s name and face weren’t supplanted on the ballot. In fact, their ire grew as it settled in that someone believes Steph Curry has better handles than Jamal Crawford.

Twitter wasn’t having it.

6 God Goat

Currently, the three-time Sixth Year of the Man is hoping a team will sign him and he’s been staying prepared.

“I’ve been training as if I’m playing,” Crawford told ESPN. “I work out every single day. I was working out today actually and I’ve always loved it. I know I can help, in some regards, in some capacity.”

Crawford, a native of Seattle, turned 40 in late March. He last played for the Phoenix Suns in 2018-19 and averaged 7.9 points and 3.6 assists on 39.7 percent shooting in 18.9 minutes per game.

However, a year ago, Crawford dropped 51 points on the Dallas Mavericks. He became the oldest player to score 50 points and the first-player ever to score 50 points with four different franchises.

Basically, put some respect on Crawford’s name. With the fourth category being “other” in the voting, it is safe to say “Y’all Must Of Forgot” (Roy Jones voice) .