Atlanta Falcons running back Todd Gurley is calling on his former team to pay up what they owe him. In an interview on the Dialed In podcast, Gurley says that his teammates can’t even speak to him until he gets his money.

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“I still ain’t got my money so it’s really forget the Rams right now. I told my ex-teammates that they can’t even text me or call me until I get my money. Soon as I get my money then I’ll be cool with everybody else.”

In 2018, Gurley signed an extension with the Rams that guaranteed the MVP rusher $45 million which made Gurley at the time the highest-paid running back.


After being released in March due to a lingering knee injury, Gurley signed with the Atlanta Falcons on a 1-year $6 million deal. Around the time of his release from L.A., Gurley began demanding what is reportedly between $2 and $7 million owed to him from the Rams extension.

“Come June 1st I better have my money,” Gurley said in the podcast. According to ESPN, the Rams are aware that they still owe former players money after being released and they have every intention to cut those checks in the near future.

“What I do know is Clay [Matthews] and Todd [Gurley] earned that money and they’re going to get that money,” Rams General Manager Les Snead told ESPN.