Emerging from Benton Harbor, storytelling rapper Ciroc Devito 2x beat the odds and turned it into a fulfilling music career. The small city he grew up in lies western Michigan. In 2017, it was noted that the city saw over two thousand violent crimes for every 100,000 residents, notoriously ranking it as the most dangerous city in the state. Living there, Ciroc Devito picked up a thing or two, for the better and worse. As of recent, the 22-year-old relocated to Kalamazo, just ways away from his hometown to avoid going down the treacherous pathway again.

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Ciroc Devito 2x is currently serving his parole term, but nonetheless, making it a productive term as he continues to record surefire bangers and melodic records. Drawing from his own experiences of the struggle and hardships throughout life, Ciroc serves as a spirited voice int the community for not only himself but those around him. While first exploring his talents as a naturally gifted vocalist, his determination to persevere was later put to the test when he was incarcerated for his involvement in a home invasion at age fifteen. While serving time, Ciroc obtained his G.E.D and put his pen to the test. After serving time behind bars, Devito 2x experienced his first taste of popularity with his song “Beef,” putting some serious streaming numbers on the board. The record put him on the radar of labels alike and undeniably built his reputation in the city.

A standout record from his catalog is “Soul Bleed.” It’s the Michigan-native’s latest visual effort and finds the artist putting up his best work thus far. Directed by Splurge Films, the rapper makes an impressionable effort while gaining thousands of views. “I get on the mic and let my soul bleed / My bitch get in her feelings when my phone ring,” he raps. Check out the record below.