A coroner’s report released on Monday revealed that the 25-year-old Georgia shooting victim was shot three times by his attackers. Ahmaud Arbery according to the report was shot once in his left wrist and twice in the chest.

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The admitted shooters George and Travis McMichael were arrested on murder charges after footage of the confrontation went viral. In the video, we see Arbery fighting with the younger McMichael over a weapon. Eventually, Arbery is shot and is seen collapsing to the ground.

The report also mentions that there were no signs of drugs or alcohol in Arbery’s system at the time of the shooting. The two felony murder suspects have defended their actions saying that they believed Arbery to be an armed home intruder.


The McMichael’s appeared in court on Friday only for a bail amount to be set at a different date. The state has appointed Cobb County’s First Black District Attorney Joyette Holmes as the prosecutor on the case.