This morning, Hip Hop Harry was the trending on Twitter because he’s awesome.

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Take a step back in time before responsibilities and MSG began to slow us all down. When Cream of Wheat, Farina, and oatmeal were Nana’s specialty and you had to have it piping hot in the morning.

Then like DM’s, slide Hip Hop Harry right in.


Hip Hop Harry was a children’s television show that aired on Discovery Kids and TLC. It was part of the ‘Ready Set Learn’ segment in 2006 to 2008.

For many of us, it was similar to Barney & Friends, Sesame Street, etc. as a live-action program. Using age-appropriate hip hop music and dance to teach social, educational, physical and creative skills, Hip Hop Harry raised the babies.

Consider him the lower cusp millennials’ first hip hop experience. Hip Hop Harry was one of the first edutainment platforms for the culture. He created a positive tone for learning and memorization.

With the proliferation of hip hop throughout the global culture, it was a breath of fresh air to see it starts even at early learning. Hip Hop is the preferred conduit of creative communication for the world.

Hip Hop Harry was the ambassador of that movement for the world’s youth.

You better recognize.