Desiigner left G.O.O.D Music last year, but he never explained what went down until now.

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On the last episode of Complex’s Everyday Struggle, the Brooklyn rapper confirmed that he has “definitely been in the studio.” Akademiks asked where he been and the “Panda” artist responded, “I haven’t been trying to follow too many waves, you know. I mean it’s really sticking to my own path… Still, the situation I had to get out that G.O.O.D. Music shit, I just felt uncomfortable.”

He continued to explain that he was “happy” for a while but things went sour. There was a huge lack of communication between the artist and people from the label, including Kanye West. Additionally, Desiigner was frustrated with the Future comparisons in the early stages of his career.


“Then he wind up going the Christian route, and then the Trump route,” he added, and suggested he’s not a fan of the Christian route Ye decided to go down. As a result, Desiigner wanted out so he can “start from the ground up” and “get comfortable.”

Akademiks tried to get D to spill the tea and ask if there was creative differences but he quipped, “I just felt I had to do me, bro.”