On Thursday morning, a new Paper Mario adventure is on the way! However, it will be out sooner than you might expect. Paper Mario: The Origami King has been revealed for the Nintendo Switch, and it’s releasing on July 17.

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The new Paper Mario series entry was revealed fairly unceremoniously. They dropped a trailer suddenly onto Twitter and YouTube. There was no Nintendo Direct, just, here it is. It’s out in just over two months, but this announcement might have originally been planned for during E3 2020.

Random Awesomeness

Details attached to the trailer appear to reveal that Intelligent Systems is back to develop the game. The narrative will be extremely familiar: Mario is invited to something (the kingdom’s origami festival) and things go horribly wrong.


King Olly, who claims to be the ruler of the Origami Kingdom, hatched a plot to fold the entire world. It looks pretty dangerous on paper, so someone who’s a cut above the rest is needed to save the day!

In Paper Mario: The Origami King, Mario faces one of his most thrilling challenges yet. King Olly has bound Princess Peach’s Castle in giant, colored streamers and transported it to a distant mountain. He’s even transformed Bowser’s minions into Folded Soldiers and enlisted them in his treacherous cause.

Luckily, Mario is equipped with a range of new tools at his disposal to help secure victory. There is a new ability called 1000-Fold Arms. It allows players to interact with the landscape by stretching out and pulling, peeling, and revealing new locations. This helps you solve puzzles and uncover unexpected surprises.

Along the way, players will enlist the help of allies old and new. Characters such as King Olly’s very own good-natured sister, Olivia, along with a range of unlikely allies. Even Bowser himself hasn’t yet folded to the whims of King Olly’s origami will. Mario will accept all the help he can find with open arms.

Paper Mario: The Origami King introduces a new ring-based battle system. It allows players to flex their puzzle-solving skills to line up scattered enemies and maximize damage. While the enemies may be crafted from paper, these dynamic, turn-based battles are far from stationary. It’ll require a sharp mind to make short work of these crafty enemies.

Paper Mario has a detail-rich world to explore, off-the-wall mini-game events and countless mysteries waiting to be solved. The next joyful Mario adventure on Nintendo Switch is ready to deliver huge helpings of laughs.