Young Buck is from behind bars and ready to speak on all of his old business, specifically with G-Unit frontman 50 Cent. The Nashville rapper did four months behind bars on back child support and hit an IG Live session with DJ Paul to detail how jail actually helped him.

“I went in that motherf*cker and got my mind right, so I was able to walk up out that motherf*cker not just free from that bullshit, but free from being able not to work,” Buck said. “Now I can get to work, you get what I’m saying? That’s all I ever wanted to do in regards to whatever, dealing with the contract and shit with dude over there.”

“Dude over there” is reasonably assumed to be 50 Cent, citing that his contract issues were targeted to be resolved in 2010 but unfortunately the settlement fell apart.

“I know I don’t owe nigga but even me at a point of time, Paul, I got to the place where I was like, you know what, I just want to get the work f##k it, I’ll pay him,” Young Buck added. “So I even got to a point where I even tried to pay the nigga.”

The amount owed was $300,000, which Buck said that he attempted to give up $150,000 upfront with the other half to be given in 30 days. He would go on to say he doesn’t owe 50, G-Unit, or Interscope anything, however, 50 would come requesting more money and his catalog.

AllHipHop detailed earlier this week Buck filed for bankruptcy protection for the second time. The decision was made due to the dispute with 50 and G-Unit.

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