After numerous reports of mistreatment to prisoners have been making headlines, Bay Area rapper E-40 has donated 1,000 gallons hand sanitizers to the San Quentin State Prison.

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The “My Sh*t Bang” rapper states that he wanted to help after hearing about the increasing number of cases in the Lompoc prison. As of right now, there are reportedly 900 cases of inmates who tested positive for the coronavirus.

“As you know, hand sanitizer is made with alcohol, and I sell dope beverages so I know many distillers all over the country,” E-40 tells ABC7. “I said let me get 1,000 gallons and send them to San Quentin and Lompoc. I hope that it makes a good impact.”


The rapper posted a video of the good deed to his Instagram with the caption, “E-40 donates 1,000 gallons of hand sanitizer to Lompoc & San Quentin State Prison.”