Dwayne Carter, better known as Lil Wayne, has been often referred to as one of the greatest rappers of all time. Whether you agree or not, most rappers in the hip-hop game pay homage to the grammy-winning artist. In this case, Lil Wayne believed Future paid a little too much homage after believing that “Wheezy Outta Here” tag was Future shouting him out.

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The New Orleans rapper talks about his discovery on his Young Money Radio podcast which he uses to interview other hip hop heavy hitters and share stories with fans. The rapper shares the hilarious experience after acknowledging Wheezy the producer and sharing that “Wheezy Outta Here” is now his favorite tag. “That’s my favorite tag. I don’t know why that’s my favorite tag, but that’s my favorite tag. Probably my favorite new producer, too, so send me some beats, Wheezy Outta Here,” he stated. 

The rapper then briefly pauses before sharing this hilarious confession. “First of all I thought when I first heard- I told yall I don’t know nothing about nothing. So when I first heard those beats, whatever song with ‘Wheezy Outta Here,’ I just thought that was Future shouting me out,” the rapper said before bursting out in laughter. “Why Future keep shouting me out on a song and they ain’t even talking about me on the song?” Wayne says he asks Mack Maine.


Lil Wayne wasn’t lying when he told us he’s really always in his own world.