Future and his baby mothers have been in headlines since Mother’s Day. He thanked some, blasted another, and the timeline ate it up. Always vocal of her opinions, Wendy Williams dished on the situation on Wendy @ Home stating he needs to chill on having children but also blasting the women’s self-esteem.

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“I say he’s pathetic and so are you if you dare lay down with this man,” Wendy said. “You think nothing of yourself. I’m talking about Future. And they say he’s worth $40 million dollars, so what? Eight kids, the DNA test is confirmed? Congratulations. The most recent one is one, so it took a year. Eliza Reign, she’s the one Future always said she calls Future ‘the bag.’”

Williams would go on to call Reign “pathetic” and says that her desire for $53,000 a month in child support is too much money.


“Future, you need to tie it in a knot and leave it alone, although I guarantee you, this time next year he’ll have two more kids.”