Many have nicknamed Carl Crawford “the Perfect Storm” during his MBL career because of the way that everything seems to come together to create the space for his hurricane-like manic to be realized against opposing teams. However last night, according to TMZ, the ex-Dodger’s Houston house became the center of a double drowning —an adult female and young male.

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The two drowned in a pool on the property.

Crawford was hosting a get-together for friends and the woman was babysitting the 5-year-old child. The boy went outside and accidentally fell into the pool, sources say, and the woman tried to save him. She was unsuccessful.


TMZ reports that Crawford tried to jump into save the two, but he also was unsuccessful in reviving either victim.

By the time the EMT arrived, the two were “unresponsive.”

The gathering was within the guidelines. Ten or less is acceptable and there were six people in attendance.