Real talk Ms. Tina dancing is not the trademark of a SAVAGE, it that red lipstick: you see her red lips and you know she is about business.

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“I’m a boss, I’m a leader, I pull up in my two-seater
And my momma was a savage, nigga, got this shit from Tina”

Now Queen Bey, please tell us what makes you a savage? Because according to Miss Tina … you didn’t get your rhythm and bossy dance moves from her.


In an Instagram post, Tina Lawson attempts to do the #SavageChallenge and the elder Beyincé pokes a little fun at herself with the following caption:

“Haaaa!!! Yeah i know they didn’t get their dance moves from me !! They got em from their daddy! 😂😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️its okay i still like to dance!!!!! And i got two new knees😂😂”

While she might not be the best dancer, there are so many things that makes Miss Tina a “savage.”

  • Tina is a bonafide businesswoman: Owner for the Houston’s Headliners salon, fashion designer and wardrobe mistress for Destiny Child, author, investor, founder of House of Deréon and a key player in Beyoncé Cosmetology Center at the Phoenix House in Brooklyn.
  • Tina is drop-dead gorgeous (with or without makeup). At 66 years old, Ms. Lawson walks into the room and turns head. She has shared her beauty and the self-care tips ( those that reveal the generational health-wealth that her fore-mothers gave her) with to her girls: Beyoncé, Solange, Angie Beyincé, Kelly Rowland and even Blue Ivy.
  • Tina’s lip game is on a thousand. Always in fire-brick red lipstick, she looks like a boss. “I can’t live without red lipstick. It doesn’t matter where it’s from; a drugstore, or a beauty supply, it doesn’t matter the brand. I will always keep red lipstick with me. It just makes you look pulled together.”

Let’s talk about this red lip and what it should signal to all of us about Beyoncé’s mom.

Red lips are always classic and are bold when you see them. History shows that African queens, particularly Cleopatra, would crush beetles in a coloring technique called cochineal and apply it to their lips for a stain. It is said to say that pushes the notion that you are in front of power.

Well, Cleopatra was a SAVAGE.

The Egyptian icon basically brought the Roman Empire to a stand-still … possibly with the boldness of that red lip! And when you look at all the ways Tina (and her daughters) have made the world stand-still with almost all the epic things that they have done … the savagery of it all starts somewhere.

It’s probably that kisser.