On 5/18, the day that represents his area code, Upstate New York recording artist DJLeach dropped “My Year,” an upbeat, uplifting track about his hard work and personal investments. When DJLeach raps “I don’t even get to sleep, but you could argue that I do because I’m working on my dreams,” it is easy to see why he is so confident in his hustle.  
Given how stressful 2020 has been for so many people, DJLeach felt this song provided an interesting contrast. It was the perfect time to drop a single too. Last month, DJLeach appeared on the smoker’s anthem “420” with Afroman. The song, which also features Yung Fate and Jake Strain, is nearing 50,000 streams on Spotify in the few short weeks since its release on April 20th.
Although he was planning to hold on to “My Year” a while longer, DJLeach knew the success of “420” was a wave worth riding. When asked about his inspiration, DJLeach said “I do it for the fans, but the haters are the motivation.” No matter how you feel about his music, DJLeach is in hip-hop for the long haul.