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The pharmaceutical businessman who is serving a 7 1/2 year prison sentence was denied an early release on Saturday. Martin Shkreli argued in court that he should be released to help cure COVID-19 with his experience in pharmaceuticals.

Shkreli often known as the “Pharma Bro” was sentenced to 7 1/2 years in prison after being found guilty on 3 counts of securities fraud. In his court hearing on Saturday, the judge decided that there was “no legal basis” to release Shkreli to help combat the virus.

The 37-year-old con-man also sought release from prison claiming he was at higher risk of catching COVID-19 because he has asthma.

As the CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals, Shkreli became infamous in the hip-hop community when he purchased the rights to the Wu-Tang Clan album Once Upon a Time in Shaolin for $2 million. The former Pharma exec was forced to turn over the LP as part of a more than $7 million forfeiture to the feds.


In 2015, Shkreli controversially raised the price of a life-saving malaria drug called Daraprim from $13.75 to $775.

Shkreli is expected to be released in October 2023.