A lot of people in the world today are asking some difficult questions in the face of the global pandemic. Questions like: “Why am I here?” “Why am I created?” or “What’s the meaning of all this?” At its core, those questions are echoes of the age-old question, “What’s the meaning of life?” But even that question is indicative of the search for purpose in the midst of uncertainty and confusion. And in the midst of such desperate times, a good song that offers perspective is often exactly what the soul needs.

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Such a song is now available from fast-rising Contemporary Christian artist Megan Duke. The song is called “To the End” and after having only been on the market for three weeks, it has already racked up hundreds of thousands of streams and listens across multiple streaming platforms. It has been played on radio stations and in multiple corners of the world, with responses from fans as to the hope it brings during these dark times.

“It has a hopeful message to it which is perfect for this day and age and everything we’re all going through,” Duke said. “We’re all in this together, so the release of this song couldn’t have come at a better time. People are searching for purpose and trying to get a grasp on some deep questions, and this song talks about the most meaningful relationship you can have in life – with God our creator. His love has no bounds. When we’re at our lowest of lows, he meets us right there where we are. He promises all the way that he’s going to be with us, and even beyond.”


Duke said since the song was released on March 27, she’s heard hundreds of testimonies from people who have listened to it saying that it was a song that spoke directly to the heart and was exactly what they needed to hear during this time. That’s powerful encouragement for a young woman who had to be convinced that her voice and music talents were good enough to be a notorious recording artist in today’s industry. In fact, it was in the face of that self-doubt when this song was written.

“One of the biggest challenges for me was believing that I could do it,” Duke said. “It wasn’t just about having enough faith but having enough self-confidence. For the longest time, I had family members and friends who believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. They kept telling me that I was going to do great things with my music, and encouraged me to write songs. I guess I was unwilling to take a risk and was almost waiting for things to be handed to me. On top of that, my husband and I had just had our third child – all of whom were younger than 4 years old – and my husband was traveling overseas a lot and wasn’t home that often and things were just crazy. When you try to write all that out on paper, it makes no sense to pursue such a big dream. But I couldn’t fake that stirring in my heart from God. Now is the time. When he tells you to do things, often it doesn’t make sense. But it’s always for a reason, and we’re just called to be obedient. I’ve learned that the biggest successes in life don’t come from playing it safe but from being willing to risk it all. He gave me the courage and along the way, he’s provided some incredible people to help make this dream happen.”

With a mixture of Soul, Pop, Hip Hop, and other genre influences, Megan Duke’s signature sound and style can’t be put into a box. And it’s that one-of-a-kind originality that is helping her to stand out in an otherwise crowded industry. Over the course of her young career, she’s already racked up some powerful accolades. She’s collaborated with major artists on more than 10 major projects, including the Dove Nominated Album “Horizon” from Prestonwood. She was a featured artist at the Restoring Honor Rally at the Washington Mall in front of a crowd of 500,000, as well as at the March For Life with more than 100,000 people. She’s been the main opener for For King and Country, and has toured with other notorious artists such as David Crowder, Hillsong Young and Free, Andy Mineo and Riley Clemmons. 

Her debut solo album, “Heart on Fire,” has climbed the charts since its release in late March. Singles from the project have been featured on Spotify’s “New Music Christian Friday” playlist, Vertical Church Band, Weekly 10 Best of 2020, New Christian Music 2020, Top Hits 2020, Worship Music 2020, New Music, Discovery Global, Top Friday New, Global hit Music, and more top playlists. “To The End” is one of the standout singles from the album and is currently available across all streaming platforms.

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