In an interview with VladTV, Benny The Butcher sat down to discuss his experience as his friends [Westside Gunn and Fred The Godson] battled the coronavirus. Butcher tells Vlad that he didn’t speak with Gunn too much while Gunn battled the coronavirus, mentioning that he wanted to give the “Euro Step” rapper his space to recover.

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“I remember speaking to him and he was telling me he was sick and I was thinking, yo, you probably f*cked up,” Butcher mentioned. “He had it… That sh*t is nothing to play with.”

Butcher then goes on to express his feelings on losing the late Fred The Godson, who lost his life after battling the coronavirus. “Rest in peace Fred The Godson. I got asthma. I got bad asthma, and me and Fred, we shared that. So, seeing him go, it’s just a f*cked up wake-up call. A wake-up call that I didn’t want and it’s sad that he left us so early from this unexpected virus that just came out of nowhere. A tragedy…Real sh*t.”


Butcher then began to reminisce on the times that he worked with Fred The Godson and then shares how serious he believes the virus actually is. “It’s a lot of people in Buffalo [New York] who died from that sh*t. It’s a lot of people,” Butcher stated.

“People are really here today and gone tomorrow off of that sh*t so, I just want everybody to be careful. And I’m not going anywhere near Buffalo right now,” Butcher says after sharing that one of his girlfriend’s customers has died due to the coronavirus, shortly after purchasing a wig from her business.

Rest in peace to Fred The Godson. Our condolences go out to his family and families that have been affected by this awful virus.