This morning, 30gb was trending on Twitter and thought, it would be funny if this is another Modern Warfare update. Voila! It is.

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Really though?!

Coupled with the base install and previous patches, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare now requires over 200 GB of free storage space. The sheer size of the update and the fact its mandatory has players deleting other games just to make space.


The latest Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone came this morning. It has a new Classic Battle Royale mode that removes more modern ideas like Buy Stations, contracts, and Gulag.

It’s only a limited-time mode, so it won’t be there forever, although gamers are used to that. But it is a fun way to play the game without all the mod cons.

However, one of the main upgrades is the new weapons in the Gulag. With four SMGs and six assault rifles now making the 1v1 re-spawn battles much more interesting.

In addition, there is now something called the “Armor Box” which can be used by your team in any of the modes. It is available for purchase at Buy Stations or to find as loot.

There are also two new maps. Gunfight gets Aisle9 and remastered Modern Warfare 3 map, Hardhat, being added to standard multiplayer. To further acclimate players, Hardhat is getting its own 24/7 playlist and there’s a moshpit playlist for Aisle9.

A new DLC pack called Fearless has also been added, with all proceeds going towards a veteran’s charity.

To Recap:

Call of Duty Endowment “Fearless” Pack is now available!
New Gunfight Map, Aisle 9!
New Multiplayer Map, Hardhat!
Modified Special Operations! Replay existing Operations with a twist! Some enemies may charge more frequently or maybe they can only be taken down with headshots. Check out new Modified Special Operations and earn new rewards each week!