An Australian street artist has been painting some really “creative” images of 50 Cent and the G-Unit general isn’t too happy about it.

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Earlier this month, the muralist painted an image of Fif’s face with disgraced rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine’s rainbow braids and tattoos. Once 50 got wind of that, he was ready to take it to LushSux’s front door.

“i’m sick of this s**t, he think i can’t find his ass in Australia. i’m a have a knot put right on his f**king head,” said the Hip Hop mogul about LushSux.


Since then, LushSux has painted another mural of 50, with his face on the head of Mike Tyson. Under the image, it says “50 Thent.” 50 took to IG with a pic of the painting, responding, “This guy need [an] a** whoopin’ bad, he still doing this s**t.”

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