It looks like Cardi B isn’t revealing any more secrets about her upcoming album. We know it’s coming, but fans will remain oblivious as far as a timeline is concerned. Since the tail end of 2018, the Grammy Award-winning rapper has release 3 singles: “Money,” “Please Me” and “Press.” The latter tracks were released in 2019. She jokingly stated that her new album would be named Tiger Woods at the end of 2019.

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While the COVID-19 pandemic certainly put a halt on some projects, artists are still remaining diligent in releases. This leaves Bardi Gang pondering, where is the music from the “I Like It” rapper.

A fan took to Twitter recently to inquire about Cardi B’s new project. She was met with a hilarious response. In typical Bardi fashion she responded, “Inside my pussy.”


The 27-year-old personality is known for the larger than life personality, which assisted in leading her to where she is today. Before she was a Grammy Award winning emcee, she was the Queen of viral moments on Vine, Twitter and Instagram. This isn’t the first time she referred to her uterus as an unreleased musical hub. Earlier this year, she stated that she was “5 hits pregnant.”

While this may be true, it was reported recently that contract negotiations were the cause of the album delay. Cardi B is one of the music industry’s biggest stars. Therefore, one can assure that the contract issues will get resolved soon. Bardi Gang can only remain hopeful. It is likely that we will be able to consume the fruits of Cardi’s musical conception before the end of 2020.