While choppin’ it up on the Drink Champs livestream with N.O.R.E., DJ EFN and Lenny S about the possibility of a DMX vs. Eminem Verzuz battle, Fat Joe made his opinion very clear cut; nobody can eff with Mr. Mathers.

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At the 20:00 mark of the video below, the matchup between Dark Man Unknown and Slim Shady became a subject to which the Terror Squad general quickly interjected, “I don’t think nobody can fuck with Eminem.”

He went on to say, “DMX got the biggest hits in the world, one of the greatest rappers of all time. Legendary, iconic, superhero. And everything I’m saying is understating, he’s bigger than that. But there’s something about that white boy and his fans—nah bro, you want to see something cracking the internet? That n***a David Koresh, that n***a different!”


He also explains why Em’s race plays a big part in his success. “These white people teach their kids that Eminem is the greatest. You go to the airports and 10-year-olds are playing his sh*t. … There’s a big difference with his boy. When you say generational wealth, they keep teaching their kids that he’s the man to the ultimate science.”

Hear the entire show below.