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Recently, Growing Up Hip-Hop stars Romeo and Master P have been outting the show’s producers over false storylines. It wasn’t long after Egypt Criss, daughter of Saundra Denta aka Pepa and Bow Wow left the show, that Lil Twist took to his Twitter account to comment on his castmates’ decisions to leave the show.

“Ima keep it 100 I find it kind of fake that NOW AFTER 5 SEASONS these people talking bout how they being portrayed… I ain’t even been on a full 2 seasons these producers don’t know me like they know y’all.. y’all been in business with these folk way longer than I have,” Twist commented.

“Tryna make it seem to the masses that this shit is all scripted and written up to LOOK like the way it’s actually being shown.. LISTEN PEOPLE THIS SHIT IS 100 percent real.. of course the producers gone do they job to keep up with what WE ARE giving them.. day after day….” he continued.


“So if it is fake…. why I don’t look like a weird ass crybaby that’s bitchin over a joke? Or why I don’t like a nigga that paint his face and wear press on nails? Ohh that’s cause I’m only give these producers and the people that watch WHAT I WANT THEM TO SEE . can’t trick twist”

In a recent clip that surfaced the internet, Master P and Romeo can be heard in a back and forth with producers of GUHH’ after the father-son duo feel like producers cared more to try and portray a romantic drama between Romeo and Angela rather than focusing on Angela’s life as a mother after the murder of her ex-fiance, Sutton Tennyson.

The remaining cast of GUHH has yet to comment. What do you think? Does Twist have a point?