Sheeeeesh! There’s a lot to dissect in this song, regardless of how “woke” you think you are. First off, PA Dre creates a hauntingly beautiful instrumental for the matching lyrics iced on top. Nash Boogie is truly fearless with his words, highlighting everything from the opposition against us to the deplorable acts they’re committing. This is a call to Sacramento that we gotta protect our own. Take a look at the hook and see if you’re brave enough to hear new truths.

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“I shot Bill Gates in the face, no cameras so it couldn’t be traced. Tucked the hammer as I made my escape. Leaving Napa had to switch up my plates. As I’m turning on the news, everybody so confused. World Domination. Decrease the population. The Vatican, the Masons; The Clinton’s vs the Haitians. The masters vs the slaves and the Christians vs the nation. The satanists and the pagans, Bohemian cremation. Yeah, why they worship an owl? ‘Cause it’s quiet when attacking, sacrificing your child. Everybody quarantined, got you wondering how. Military in the streets make you stay in the house.”