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According to confirmed reports, former actress Maia Campbell was one of 44 people arrested in an illegal street racing bust in Atlanta.

The 43-year-old former thespian is best known for her role on In The House alongside LL Cool J, but Campbell has since succumbed to the lure of drugs and alcohol. It is not clear why Campbell was at the illegal event, but she has been the focal point of the bust, which netted 114 citations, 29 impounded vehicles, and four illegal firearms.

In a statement, Atlanta Police Department Chief Erika Shields said, “We pledged to deal with these speeders and reckless drivers who have shown a complete disregard for the safety of others with these dangerous antics, […] This weekend, with the help of our law enforcement partners, we made inroads. We will continue to impound, arrest, and seek costly fines for those individuals who choose Atlanta for this senseless behavior.”