The Lakers facility opened last Saturday and LeBron James is already back to work.

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Although the teammates aren’t able to all train on the court simultaneously, James managed to assemble some of his men to host private, social distancing workouts.

Sports reporter, Shams Charania, said, “All the safety measures have been taken. In these private workouts, everyone has been tested, everyone involved has practiced social distancing.”


He added, “Everyone involved has taken the necessary steps to make sure that they’re following all the guidelines.”

Danny Green detailed the experience in the Lakers facility on the Load Management podcast. He said everyone’s belongings are sanitized upon arrival and everyone gets swabbed before entering.

It was reported a few months ago that two Lakers players tested positive for the coronavirus, but they both fully recovered. The league never revealed the identities of these men, but fans have their speculations.

Are you ready for the NBA season to return?