The entertainment industry is completely halted due to the coronavirus pandemic, but Rotimi is keeping the show going.

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The singer took a new creative approach with his latest music video, “In My Bed” featuring Wale. This was also a great job opportunity for 37 animators from 24 cities in 5 different continents to create the visuals for this single.

“This record has been really special to me. I remember when Harmony Samuels called me and told me he had a crazy idea, I heard it and flew to LA to record it.  We wanted a feature and thinking of who would be a great fit I thought of my brother Wale. We’ve been friends for sometime now and I thought this would be amazing for our first collaboration,” he said.


“Rotimi is my guy, we’ve always had that Nigerian connection. When he sent me the record I was excited to do my thing to it,” Wale said about his collab with the Power actor. “I’m not surprised at the success we’re starting to see on it, just heard the song a ton while I was back in DC.”

Check out “In My Bed” below: