A Long Island mom and her boyfriend were charged with abandoning her 6-year-old daughter Emma at a busy Queens intersection then tossed a bag with the girl’s belongings out the window before driving off.

Prosector’s say the boyfriend then called the child’s father and told him to come find her because she was “crying like a little b—-”.

29-year-old Patrice Chambers and boyfriend Mark Pamphile are accused of forcing Emma out of the mom’s white Nissan Altima. Chambers, who was driving, threw her child’s belongings in a white garbage bag and black out her driver’s side window before cruising away.


Surveillance video shows Emma “running in the street… attempting to pick up the items in the street. Before driving off, 28-year-old Pamphile called Emma’s father and left a voicemail, prosecutors say.
“You better come get your daughter,” Pamphile said. “Your daughter is in the street not sleeping nowhere.”“She is crying like a little b—-,” he added. A crying child could be heard in the background on the voicemail, prosecutors said.

When they were later arrested by cops, a defiant Pamphile washed his hands of the girl, authorities charge. “This kid is her kid,” he told cops, according to court papers. “This kid is not my kid, not my problem, not my responsibility.”

Emma was scooped up by good Samaritan Mishka Peart, who saw the tot wearing a surgical mask and wandering near the intersection with her belongings in tow.

“They drove off and left me,” Emma told Peart.

Cops located and arrested Chambers and Pamphile, both of Central Islip, L.I., a few hours later. They are charged with child abandonment, endangering the welfare of a child and reckless endangerment

When questioned, Chambers said that she tried to drop Emma off at her father’s home but Watson had turned her away. Watson refuted the claims and had a doorbell video to prove they never stopped by.

The two are facing up to four years in prison if convicted.