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We all been to a party where the police came knocking at the door and the party was over. The VERZUZ battle between Beenie Man and Bounty Killer on Saturday night (May 23) received a knock on the door not long after the battle started and it was the boys in blue looking to shut down the event.

Were the police successful? Not at all. Bernie Man was not having it.

“Can we not do this right now? There are 500,000 people watching us right now from all over the world,” Beenie Man said to the police. “Do you want to be that guy? Do you want to be that guy? Listen, people. The police are here. But we are not stopping because before COVID-19, it was murders killing people.”

Tell em, Beenie! The dancehall legend would get the police to go and leave a parting message to them before the hits continued.

“It was people killing people then COVID-19 started, so we do this. Hey, stop, killer. Them gone out that door. The police are gone,” he said. “We got rid of them. We are Jamaicans. We are being nice. We are being good. Don’t make me stop the fight! So people, let’s do this!”

You can see the message below.