Rest assured Bardi gang, Cardi B announced that her new single will be coming “very soon” in an Instagram live stream. The “Press” rapper revealed to her 80,000+ viewers that they will soon be listening to her lead single off of her sophomore album, sooner than they expect.

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“My single’s coming very, very soon, okay guys?” she mentioned in the live. Of Course Cardi had to tease fans before giving the real expectation of the release date, “My single’s coming when I lose weight…never!”

“No, it’s coming real soon, I swear. Y’all gon’ love it,” she assured. Fans weren’t satisfied with Cardi’s answer, and after showing great persistence, they got the New York rapper to mention that the single would be coming, very soon. “I don’t want to give too much information because my fans be watching but also the haters too.”


If it weren’t for the current global pandemic, fans would have gotten to hear the song ahead of time. Although this will be Cardi’s first release since “Press” in 2019, fans can depend on the fact that a leading single, means a new album is definitely in the near future.

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