“Knock em out. ME. DOLO. Im the truth!” Fans of DaBaby may remember those famous words from the rapper after having a physical altercation with rapper, Cam ColdHeart in a Louis Vuitton store last year.

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The video of the altercation surfaced the internet for weeks before the hype around the video died down. Cam ColdHeart took to his Instagram Sunday, May 17th to announce that he wanted a rematch with DaBaby.

“N*ggas who thought ColdHeart was the one to play with. They was convinced by the media,” the rapper began. “Whole year later n*gga, ain’t nobody shook nothing. I go where I want. All this, ‘Spit on Cam 2020.’ N*ggas know better than that round here.”


In the footage of last years’ video, it appears as though CamHoldHeart was antagonizing his rival rapper DaBaby, after the two were seen shopping in the same store. Things shifted quickly after a punch was thrown between the two rivals, ending in ColdHeart laying on the floor with a bloody nose, and his pants pulled down.

“I want to fight. N*gga I been wanting to fight n*gga.” ColdHeart mentions after insinuating that since the altercation, the “BOP” rapper hides whenever he is in their hometown, Charlotte North Carolina.

“Whatsup bruh, I’m trying to scrap….anybody,” ColdHeart mentions. “Pull up and fight. We not hiding. Just the same way I’m not hiding, I be showing n*ggas my whole got damn surroundings.”

In just three days after that video was posted, things take an interesting turn when Cam ColdHeart posts another video claiming that the fight was a hoax. “It’s time to tell y’all what really happened. What’s really going on in the Charlotte music scene? It was fake. It was a hoax, n*gga. Some parts was real, but it was definitely heavily fabricated after the fact,” he stated.

“That’s Hollywood for you. Everything I said after that shit happened, everything on the internet for the past year was for money, you feel me. N*gga in Hollywood you have to put on a show to make money, you hear? This rap shit is not street. It’s about money, period. We done got all the media money. So now back to reality. I don’t even know how you guys didn’t even know.” 

DaBaby has yet to set the record straight. What do you think about this?