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“Panda” rapper Desiigner revealed in a Forbes interview that he is a landlord to various properties. What’s so special? As we go through this global pandemic, many people may be affected and unable to pay rent at this time. Desiigner has mentioned that he has waived rent payments from his tenants at this time.

“So I have to look at all areas of my life and do my part. Artists play lots of different roles in communities,” the Panda rapper mentioned. “For example with housing… I’m a landlord with multiple properties. And some people can’t afford rent right now and I have to hold that. How are you going to be able to live for the next couple months? You gotta take it easy on your tenants, be understanding of what’s possible right now. I have to take the hits because I also don’t want to see anybody on the street. I can help so I do.”

Desiigner also acknowledges other celebrities that have given back during the pandemic that he admires including YG, Diddy, and Meg The Stallion. Shoutout to Desiigner for being so understanding and helpful during this time.