Tensions were at an alarming rate yesterday as thousands flooded the streets in protest at the intersection of the scene where George Floyd was screamed “I can’t breathe” while a knee was on his neck applied by Minneapolis Police Officers. 

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Protesters tried to follow social distancing rules by spreading out, but the scene grew in numbers with blazing speed. As the crowd grew in numbers, the emotions grew equally as fast and reached a similar “tipping point.” 

Organizers in the crowd led in chants of “I can’t breathe,” and “It could’ve been me.” One protester stated, “We’re here to let them know this can’t be tolerated, there will be severe consequences if they continue to kill us this will not go on another day.” 


At about 6 p.m., the scene began to change as the protest turned into a march leading towards the 3rd Precinct, where it is believed that the officers worked. At that same time, a smaller group separated itself from the larger crowd and began vandalizing the building, shattering a window and spray painting squad cars.

CBS Minnesota reported that at least one officer was injured. Andy Mannix, a reporter for the Star Tribune, posted updates of the events on Twitter as they took place Tuesday. Mannix claims he was shot in the thigh with a rubber bullet while covering the protests. He also photographed another man who was shot twice with marker rounds, once on his torso, and again on his arm. 

As more footage from the initial scene of Floyd’s arrest become available, citizens are growing more and irritated. Police claimed Floyd “physically resisted officers” prior to being taken to the ground and handcuffed. No footage obtained as of yet shows resistance to a point that warranted the officer’s actions. 

We will for sure stay on top of this and keep you all updated as information regarding the officers as well as the growing unrest amongst Minneapolis citizens.